Skincare Treatments

All of our skincare treatments are performed with premiere products from Sothy and G.M. Colin.

  • Vitamin C Facial
    A state of the art facial designed for sun damaged skin and those who want to lighten freckles or dark spots and refine lines in addition to wrinkles.
  • Collagen Facial
    An anti-aging treatment designed for dry skin using a collagen veil for superb hydration, wrinkle smoothing and epidermal regeneration.
  • Hydro-Lifting Facial
    A firming and lifting treatment designed to moisturize and hydrate the skin using bio-technological extracts.
  • Deep Pore Facial
    A basic facial that cleans out impurities from your pores.
  • Acne Facial
    Targeted for problem skin-emphasis is placed on manual cleansing and extraction.
  • Customized Facial
    This treatment includes a basic facial plus a selected massage cream and rubberized magic specific for your skin type.
  • Mini Facial
    A 45-minute cleansing facial for all skin types without massage. A great treatment that is designed for in between facial treatments.
  • Men’s Facial
    A basic facial with exfoliation tailored for men.
  • Teen Facial
    A 45-minute facial designed to introduce teens to proper skincare maintenance, hygiene, and diet.
  • Back Facial
    A deep pore cleansing for the back with emphasis on manual cleansing and disinfecting.
  • Micro-Dermabrasion
    An advancement using a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that disperses sodium bicarbonate crystals through a delicate hand piece to gently abrade and polish the skin to produce radiant results.

    $105 Face or $135 Face + Neck

  • Dermatology Renewal Clinical Peel
    This peel uses a 30% blend of glycogenic lactic acids and arginine to exfoliate dead cells, clearing the epidermis to see a decrease in wrinkles and fine lines.

    $95 per peel or $450 for 5

  • Beautifying Eye Treatment
    Targeted for the eye tops by refining fine lines and wrinkles.

    $35 w/ facial or $20 w/ facial service purchase

**Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice**