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     Dedham Day Spa selects only the highest quality product from OPI©, Esse©, Olan Laboratories©, Seche Vite©, and Creative©. We have a whole collection of nail polish with more than 100 different colors; we are always up to date with new collections.

    Our Olan Laboratories basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat work together to prevent nail polish from chipping as well as add the shiny look on the polish. Moreover, in order to bring out the best benefit for our customers, we also search for products that would strengthen your natural nails, treatment for nail fungus, callus treatment and the like.


    G.M. Collins© is a world-renowned brand of skin care products made in France. GM Collin products are derived from natural plant and marine extracts and are technologically developed to achieve results. While their laboratory uses the highest scientific standards, their philosophy of respect for the environment mandates that their products are not tested on animals. This balanced commitment to good science is the cornerstone of all their product development. While their ultimate goal is to offer the best skin care products on the market today, the true spirit of GM Collin is to help women and men look great while feeling good about how they achieved the results.


   Dedham Day Spa uses Flora© products, a high-quality product made in Italy, including the following:

Brazillian Wax

    Brazilian Wax®

    Brand new formulation for private areas. This wax is designed for a very clean and tidy wax treatment. This pink, creamy wax is for very delicate and intimate areas. It leaves skin smooth with no waxy residue. It contains Teobroma Grandiflorom, a butter that is extracted from an exotic Amazonian fruit seed, that naturally grows in Brazil and is nourishing and healing. It also contains Passion Fruit extract (Maracuja).

Flora Wax

    Creamy Wax®

    Flora Wax® Creamy Wax with Essential Oils offers our clients’ sensitive skin the most effective yet gentle, non-irritating care. Softly scented, (in either lavender or green apple) this creamy wax delivers client relaxation and satisfaction. This product is only used for the face area


    Dedham Day Spa uses Amber© products, a unique group of massage oils, lotions, and creams offering a variety of friction and glide levels that leave the skin moisturized, but not greasy. Appropriate for deep-tissue or light massage, and designed to make massage an inspired spa experience!